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( 1971 )

» The Carnivore (2010)


The Carnivore

Journalist Edina Tallér (b. 1971) likewise turns the page of language, inviting us into a new, surprising space—here characterized by a sort of negative rhetoric: “The way I want to see the world isn’t any good, says my love, for it’s either colored or smeared. What does it matter? Either way, the point is that the world has all too much glaze to it and not a single human being. I should just forget it; I shouldn’t want pretty stories. I should let go of beauty, escape from it, and wash it off, as I do the red polish from my fingernails when I’m not at work.” Exaggerated physicality is here coupled with a deflated sense of language. Comprising “themes” rather than chapters, this short novel is, in part, the story of writing that is continually subject to experimentation. Its three parts—“Nourishment,” “Tying,” and “Untying”—each comprise six or seven sections. Tallér is intrigued by sources and scars. The Carnivore is a liberated, and a liberating, debut.

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