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Balazs Lengyel
( 1918 - 2007 )


21 August 1918 born in Budapesten.
1940 graduates as a student of law at the Péter Pázmány University in Budapest; one of the founding members of March Front.
1942 soldier, then prisoner of war.
1945-47 civil servant at different ministries.
1946-48 founding editor of the literary magazine Újhold with her first wife, Ágnes Nemes Nagy; Újhold was banned for political reasons.
1957 prisoner for political reasons.
1962 editor at the Corvina Publishing House.
1963-81 editor at the Móra Publishing House.
1986-1991 one of the editors of the Újhold Semi-Annual Magazine.
1989 member of the Writers’ Association; later member of the commitee; vice-president of the PEN Club.
1992 founding member of the István Széchenyi Academy of Arts.

1947-48 Grant of the Hungarian Academy in Rome
1978 Silver Medal of the State Prize
1981 Attila József Award
1982 National Youth Award
1988 Déry Tibor-Award
1988 Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Soros Foundation Grant
1988 Order of the Star of the Hungarian Republic
1990 Soros Foundation’s Dezső Kosztolányi Award
1991 György Bölöni Award
1992 Art Foundation’s Literary Award
1993 Aladár Komlós Award
1995 Széchenyi Award
1998 Getz Award
1998 Yad Vashem Award (Israel)
1998 Courage Decoration
2003 Order of Merit - Commander Cross of the Hungarian Republic

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