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1959 born in Szatmárnémeti (Satu Mare, Romania)
1978 graduates in his hometown
1984 graduates in Hungarian and French Literature from the University of Kolozsvár (Cluj)
1984-90 teacher in the Sekler town of Székelykeresztúr (Cristuru Secuisc)
1990 moves to Marosvásárhely (Tîrgu Mireº), becomes the editor of the periodical Látó

1983 Romanian Writers Association s Debut Award
1992 Tibor Déry Award
1993 Romanian Writers Association s Award
1994 Artisjus Literary Award
1994 Milán Füst Award
1995 Alföld Award
1996 Kortárs Award
1996 Attila József Award
1996 Soros Foundation s Endre Ady Award
1998 Tiszatáj Award
2000 Jelenkor Publishing House s Award
2003 Palládium Award
2005 Writers Book Store Marble Award
2006 Laurel Wreath of the Hungarian Republic

I Spin My Soul on Dice

Lelkem kockán pörgetem (I Spin My Soul on Dice) András Ferenc Kovács is admired for his virtuosity and Protean nature; he is able to write poems in every voice, rhythm and genre, from the medieval ballad to the classical voice of Hungarian poets like Bálint Balassi or János Arany. The title of this volume, however, suggests that games are serious matters for the poet: the many-sided dice spin for no less than the poet s soul. Even in love itself he is looking for God: ...and to live, nothing but live, as naked as in front of God in the darkness (...) and the soul peels off itself the masterly paint, the cloak and all in succession... ( And the Gold of Their Bodies , translated by István Tótfalusi)

The Song Book of Jack Cole

Jack Cole daloskönyve (The Song Book of Jack Cole) The book is written in the name of the cowboy Jack Cole. The poet, as a role-player, has created many personalities and voices, complete with whole oeuvres, as the Renaissance Transylvanian Andreas Transylvanus, the Latin Quintus Aemilius Fabullus or another long-dead Transylvanian, Sándor Lázáry-René. This rainbow of voices makes the poet absolutely unique in Hungarian (and even world) poetry although most of the voices resemble one another, they belong to complete personalities that vary from the poet s own voice.


Kompletórium Be superfluous! Your face flickers out poets don t exist, nor poetry. Just a single verse exists the whole universe may be one poem s endless changeability s dream ( Fragmentum , translated by David Hill) “In addition to possessing mastery of almost every form poetry can offer, Kovács—like Sándor Weöres—is something of a verbal magician. His poetry teems with literary allusions and multiple meanings. He yearns for freedom in almost every one of his poems. Translating him can be a daunting task, but as David Hill’s work shows, certainly not impossible.” -Ádám Makkai

Return Home from Hellas: Rewritings of Cavafy

From the very start, Kovács played roles and simulated the style of other poets in his own poetry. Now, after the fictive creations of the likes of Jack Cole, René Sándor Lázáry, Quintus Aemilius Fabullus or Caius Licinius Calvus and other authors, he has drawn on the established body of poetry of Constantine Peter Cavafy (Kavafis). The great poet’s works, which are well known in Hungarian, offered Kovács new possibilities for playing with poetic and translation traditions. The volumes comprises in part free translations of Cavafy poems that remain largely faithful to the original, in part poems by Kovács that have been written in the spirit of Cavafy but which, rather than translations, are genuine rewritings. Under the Greek poet’s influence, Kovács’s lyric poetry speaks in a clearer, simpler language than before. Kovács writes, “The book is an unorthodox obeisance.” “This is inseparably bound to Cavafy’s oeuvre, from which Kovács borrows not only his registers but his subjects and commitments as well, thereby introducing entirely new qualities into his own poetry.” -László Bedecs, Élet és Irodalom This is inseparably bound to Cavafy s oeuvre, from which Kovács borrows not only his registers but his subjects and commitments as well, thereby introducing entirely new qualities into his own poetry. László Bedese, Élet és Irodalom

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