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( 1947 )

» Timeslide (1995)


1947 born in Budapest
1953-55 family displaced into the countryside
1965-75 receives university degree in sociology and psychology; studies law


Horányi writes about this work: "If you read my novel, I promise you'll see the affairs in the world, or better put, your own life, your own loves and troubles, differently." In it, the protagonist and narrator, Kamilla, receives an unexpected visit from her former husband from England. The two try to understand their own respective reactions to their daughter's death, and Kamilla begins recalling the crucial opening phase of their relationship in the Budapest of the early 1960s. As a young student, she had been obsessed by the Yalta Pact between the West and Stalin over the division of Europe, and when the young English professor visits her university, she is bold enough to address him. Their relationship is full of well-meaning presumptions on his side and meaningless reproach from hers. In the course of her memories, we learn about the humiliated dignity of the former upper-middle class, and the experiences of a woman growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

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