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László FÜZI
( 1955 )


At the Edge of Worlds: Two Books in One

László Füzi (b. 1955), an assiduous literary scholar indeed, is intrigued by landscapes and the memories we have of them. In At the Edge of Worlds—a beautifully designed combination of elegant prose, rare photos, and maps—he chronicles his childhood and, in particular, the landscapes thereof. Meanwhile, his field of specialty impels him to apply a literary toolbox by which he can explore the nature of memory, while also drawing sociographic and sociological-historical associations. The result reads simultaneously like a detective story and a confession, a work of analysis and one of journalism. Füzi spent his childhood on the Hungarian side of the Austrian border, a stone’s throw from a very different world. Families had lived and worked for centuries much the same way in the villages of the region; and while Füzi’s generation, with its enhanced social mobility, grew distant from this world, today it is returning to its borderland. But not only in this respect can this book be seen as the metaphorical crossing of a border. Images, memories, documents, and excerpts from writings by others together define this work. And so the book occupies the border of the literary essay and autobiography—a border on which the nature of memory is almost as important as our memories of nature, which is to say, of the landscape that once defined our lives.

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