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1948 born in Szekszárd
1966 finishes school in his hometown
1972 majors in Hungarian and Russian Literature at the University of Szeged, and becomes a teacher in a technical school
1974 works for the children s journal Kincskereső
1993 editor of Kincskereső
1995 dies in Szeged

His prizes include:
1985 Graves Prize
1987 Radnóti Prize
1989 Attila József Prize
2009 Miklós Mészöly Prize (posthume)


The book turns on single metaphors. The rich imagery, as in an Ady poem, shows a demonic dance of love and death. The monumental Döbling poem is the dramatic monologue of the tragic Hungarian statesman, István Széchényi, who confounds reality and vision in his lunatic seclusion. Musicality comes to play a truly important role in Baka’s poetical constructions.

The boy and the vampires

Baka’s second book of prose evokes plain terror; it is the story of a city where gradually everyone becomes a vampire—an importance piece in Baka’s demonic oeuvre.

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